The Cloud Native Developer Platform built for the Enterprise.

Deploying and Managing Applications on Kubernetes on Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise or Edge Infrastructure has never been easier.


A Developer Platform that brings it all together.

Simplicity is key to Productivity.

Focus on what matters to your Business.

Platformer disentangles Organizations from the complexities of managing and deploying applications on Kubernetes - from the Source all the way upto deployment.

By providing Developers a streamlined Platform to easily manage, deploy and monitor their Applications and IT/Operations the tools to easily secure and manage the underlying Infrastructure, Platformer enables you to focus on building what matters.

No complex learning curves.

Platformer allows Developers and Engineers with zero-Kubernetes know-how deploy and manage Containerized Applications with zero-to-no effort using the Platformer Console UI or via CLI.

Reach your target market faster.

The Business Impact

Enterprises of all sizes undergo challenges that consume both time and effort in achieving their Digital Transformation in the Cloud Native space; the Ecosystem is vast as it is ever-evolving. Platformer allows you to achieve the cutting-edge benefits of the Cloud Native Model while giving your Engineers and Operators an end-to-end streamlined delivery solution.

Centralized Control and Observability

Platformer brings everything under a single pane of glass; but with Granular Access Control. Federate Users from Active Directory, Google Identity and other Identity Providers that support LDAP/SAML. Centralized Access Control, Security Policies, Monitoring, Logging, Alerting and Tracing all provided right out-of-the-box. You can always choose what tools you want configured for you in a few clicks.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment Strategies.
Streamline delivery processes across your Organization.

Platformer integrates easily with popular CI tools such as Jenkins (as teams usually have invested a significant amount of effort into their Test/Build systems). Otherwise a Tekton-based CI solution is provided out of the box.

Once a CI tool is connected, Platformer provides a simple yet powerful Continous Delivery/Deployment System to create, manage and deploy to multiple environments on a single Kubernetes Cluster or across multiple Kubernetes Clusters.

Advanced deployment strategies such as Blue-Green Deployments and Canary Deployments can be implemented in a single click --Simplicity is key to Productivity.

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