The Cloud Native Application Platform built for Kubernetes.

A hassle-free enterprise-grade application platform to simplify and streamline your Kubernetes experience on Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise or Edge Infrastructure.


Key Features

Utilize any Kubernetes Cluster

Connect any Kubernetes Cluster to Platformer with a single-click.

Platformer provides provider-agnostic connectivity to any Kubernetes Cluster whether it's completely private, running on your on-premises infrastructure or on your laptop.

Connect any k8s Cluster
Kubernetes Cluster Management

Platformer IAM

Identity and Access Management

Manage resources under Organizations and Projects and assign granular permissions to your engineers and teams. Federate users from your existing Identity Provider (optional).

Platformer provides comprehensive audit logs across for all your users and resources.

Create and manage multiple Environments

Having a consistent process to create and manage the many environments (development, staging, test, UAT, production, etc) that your development teams depend on is key to achieving stable and high-velocity release cycles.

Platformer creates and manages environments in multiple configurations and provides your teams with the tools to easily deploy, manage and monitor workloads on your Kubernetes clusters.

The environment model



Synchronize environments and applications between multiple Kubernetes clusters to create highly-resilient systems.

Centralized Configuration and Secret Management with Vault

Easily create, version and apply any kind of configuration (config files, service accounts, .env files, etc) or sensitive secrets to your applications using Hashicorp Vault.

Configuration management and Vault

Supported container registries

Container Registry Integrations

Integrate any Container Registry of choice to your projects. Platformer will apply the necessary configurations to all connected clusters so that your teams can seamlessly utlize your Continuous Integration pipelines to deploy to any environment.

Applications and Workloads

Platformer enables developers and teams to deploy, manage and monitor applications and workloads on Kubernetes without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

  • Container lifecycle management
  • Multi-container support for sidecars and init containers
  • Volumes
  • DNS and Certifcate management
  • Configurations and Secrets
Configuration management and Vault

Batteries included.

Unless you want to swap them out.

Plug in any CI framework

We understand that organizations have invested a considerable amount of time and money into their Continuous Integration systems, and we don't want to force a new set of tools on your teams.

Platformer can integrate with any CI framework (be it Jenkins, Google Cloud Build, CircleCI, Github Actions, etc.) using a simple combination of webhooks and service accounts.


The Platformer Console can be run completely on-premise restricted to a private network if required.
Platformer provides a flexible range of support options depending on your organization's requirements.

Partners and Certifications

Focus on what matters to your Business.

A Kubernetes-native application platform that brings it all together.

Platformer stack

Platformer disentangles Organizations from the complexities of managing and deploying applications on Kubernetes - from the Source all the way upto deployment.

By providing Developers a streamlined Platform to easily manage, deploy and monitor their Applications and IT/Operations the tools to easily secure and manage the underlying Infrastructure, Platformer enables you to focus on building what matters.

Product Offerings

Platformer offers a combination of pricing and support plans for organizations and teams of all sizes.



Connect any number of Kubernetes clusters with less than 3 nodes and utlize the Platformer console for free.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) offering
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited applications and deployments



Connect any number of production-ready Kubernetes clusters (over 3 nodes) and utilize the Platformer Console to manage, scale and deploy your applications with ease.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) offering
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited applications and deployments
  • Flexible support plans



Run the Platformer Console on your own infrastructure (public cloud or private on-premise datacenter) with dedicated support to run your workloads at scale.

  • Run on any private infrastructure of choice
  • Dedicated and customized support plans