Platformer Console


Utilize any Kubernetes Cluster

Connect any Kubernetes Cluster to Platformer with a single-click.

Platformer provides provider-agnostic connectivity to any Kubernetes Cluster whether it's completely private, running on your on-premises infrastructure or on your laptop.

  • Connect an existing cluster without affecting existing applications and workloads.
  • View your cluster information, metrics and workloads under a single pane-of-glass.
  • Provide granular access to your cluster resources through Platformer IAM.
  • Access a RBAC-restricted Kubectl shell from your browser (even if the cluster is private).
Connect any k8s Cluster
Kubernetes Cluster Management

Platformer IAM

Identity and Access Management

Manage resources under Organizations and Projects and assign granular permissions to your engineers and teams.

  • Federate users from your Identity Provider (Active Directory, Keycloak, Google Identity, etc.) or use Platformer's default services.
  • Control and restrict access to applications, environments and clusters across your organization.
  • Audit logs provide a comprehensive breakdown of any changes made to your organization resources.
  • Created combined roles and permissions to fit your organization's specific requirements.

Create and manage multiple Environments

Having a consistent process to create and manage the many environments (development, staging, test, UAT, production, etc) that your development teams depend on is key to achieving stable and high-velocity release cycles.

Platformer creates and manages environments in multiple configurations and provides your teams with the tools to easily deploy, manage and monitor workloads on your Kubernetes clusters.

  • Create multiple environments on the same Cluster.
    Platformer configures the namespacing and other underlying network and security policies to achieve optimal isolation between your different environments.
  • Create environments that span across different Clusters.
    Create Multi-Cluster environments that are synchronized across any number of Clusters in your project. Multi-cluster environments provide a cookie-cutter approach to building highly resilient, disaster-recoverable systems with ease.
  • Restrict permissions and access to environments (and applications running in those environments) using Platformer IAM.
  • Promote applications between environments.
    Promote containers between environments with a single-click (manual approval) or enable continuous deployment pipelines that makes use of advanced deployment strategies such as blue/green and canary releases with a few clicks.
  • Environment-level audit logs and metrics
    Every change to made to an environment is logged and audited so you're always on top of your application infrastructure. Easily Monitor application metrics that span multiple clusters (multi-cluster environments).
The environment modelEnvironment list



Synchronize environments and applications between multiple Kubernetes clusters to create highly-resilient systems.

Production Portable

Platformer breaks-out your application layer from any and all underlying provider/vendor specific lock-ins (this includes Platformer itself - you are never locked in) allowing you to migrate entire workloads and environments between different clusters with a few clicks of a button.

Centralized Configuration and Secret Management with Vault

Easily create, version and apply any kind of configuration (config files, service accounts, .env files, etc) or sensitive secrets to your applications.

Platformer utilizes Hashicorp Vault to encrypt and securely store your sensitive credentials/secrets and injects/mounts them into your applications. But depending on your compliance requirements you can always 'Bring your own Vault' and plug it in.

Configuration management and Vault

Supported container registries

Container Registry Integrations

Integrate any Container Registry of choice to your projects. Platformer will apply the necessary configurations to all connected clusters so that your teams can seamlessly utlize your Continuous Integration pipelines to deploy to any environment.

Applications and Workloads

Platformer enables developers and teams to deploy, manage and monitor applications and workloads on Kubernetes without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.


Platformer provides a simple, streamlined yet flexible process for creating and managing Deployments, Stateful Sets, Jobs and Cronjobs on Kubernetes.

Create and deploy Containers from any integrated Container Registry with minimal effort. Configure Sidecars and Init Containers on your applications with no-effort.

App overview

Configurations and Secrets

Apply/mount versioned configurations and encrypted secrets from Vault directly into your applications with a few clicks.

App overview


Easily integrate available Storage Classes and NFS servers on your Kubernetes clusters to provide volumes for your stateful applications.

Creating volumes


Platformer creates and manages the necessary services on your clusters to horizontally or vertically scale your applications and workloads.


DNS and Load-balancing

  • Supports multi-port mappings and fan-out ingress configurations
  • Automated TLS(HTTPS) Certificate rotation using LetsEncrypt
  • Supports custom Certificate Providers through cert-manager
  • Supports Nginx and Traefik Ingress Controllers out of the box (but support is available for other controllers)