Platformer Console

The Cloud Native Application Platform built for Kubernetes

A hassle-free enterprise-grade application platform to simplify and streamline your Kubernetes experience on Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise or Edge Infrastructure.

Platformer Console was built with three primary objectives in mind.
  • To enable you to centrally manage the development, deployment and monitoring of cloud native applications.
  • To accelerate the development cycle by enabling developers and operations to work together in a whole new way.
  • To allow you to develop apps for vendor-neutral Kubernetes in a cloud agnostic manner.


  • Connect to any Kubernetes Cluster

    Provider-agnostic connectivity to any Kubernetes Cluster whether its public, private, on-premise or on your laptop.

  • Manage multiple Environments

    Separate environments for development, staging, UAT and production (etc) can be easily created and managed with appropriate configurations.

  • Centralized Configuration

    Secure vault-based and versioned configuration management.

  • Industry-strength Integrations

    From git repositories, CI/CD tools to monitoring and observability tools and container registry integrations are supported.


  • Centralized Collaboration

    Brings developers and operations together and helps them manage end to end seamlessly.

  • Faster Release Cycles

    Developers get to focus on the application they are building and the development speeds up with the quick adaptability enabled by Platformer Console.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Major productivity increases as well as lowered cost enabled by the open source ecosystem that powers the major advances in cloud computing results in major savings.

Focus on what matters to your Business

Manage complexity

Platformer disentangles organizations from the complexities of managing cloud native applications end to end. We provide you with a streamlined platform to easily build, deploy and monitor your applications. Add to that the tools that help you easily secure and manage the underlying infrastructure. You can now focus on your business application.

Improve the Developer Experience

We help you to empower your developers and let them focus on what matters to your business and customers. They can access all their infrastructure, applications, storage, databases and more from a single control plane. They can get a real time view on what is happening with their applications making it easy to troubleshoot and reduce mean time to repair.

Accelerate Enterprise-wide adoption of Kubernetes

Day one and day two operations of Kubernetes have become complex with the new features and functionality getting added continually. Platformer Console addresses the day one and two operation concerns and makes enterprise wide Kubernetes adoption easier.

Simplify your Migrations

Whether you are migrating from private cloud to public cloud or the vice versa, Platformer Console helps you to make this a seamless journey. In addition, our DevOps & SRE Team can help you modernize your applications to be more portable, secure, scalable and reliable across multiple different infrastructure and environments.

No vendor lock-ins

Platformer Console is 100% upstream Kubernetes compatible and no customizations are applied. This gives you peace of mind as you will not be locked in. You can decouple from Platformer Console at any time you like.

Batteries included; Unless you want to swap them out.

We understand that organizations have invested a considerable amount of time and money into their Continuous Integration systems, and we don't want to force a new set of tools on your teams. Integrate with any CI framework using a simple combination of webhooks and service accounts.


The Platformer Console can be run completely on-premise or in your own Cloud infrastructure restricted to a private network if required. Platformer provides a flexible range of support options depending on your organization's requirements.

Product Offerings

Platformer offers a combination of pricing and support plans for organizations and teams of all sizes.



Connect any number of Kubernetes clusters with less than 3 nodes and utlize the Platformer console for free.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) offering
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited applications and deployments



Connect any number of production-ready Kubernetes clusters (over 3 nodes) and utilize the Platformer Console to manage, scale and deploy your applications with ease.

  • Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) offering
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited applications and deployments
  • Flexible support plans



Run the Platformer Console on your own infrastructure (public cloud or private on-premise datacenter) with dedicated support to run your workloads at scale.

  • Run on any private infrastructure of choice
  • Dedicated and customized support plans