No two Cloud Migration projects are alike...

With the experience we've gathered over the years, we know that no two Cloud Migration projects are alike and that Migrations are rarely a simple and straightforward "Lift and Shift" to the Cloud. That's why we always commit ourselves to really understanding your existing infrastructure, challenges and requirements before we move forward to co-create a winning migration strategy together.

Finding the right fit

"Going Up"

You already know that Public Cloud / Hybrid Infrastructure is the future - but how do you decide which migration strategy is the right fit for your Organisation?

Platformer's Cloud Migration Services backed by leading Cloud Architects and Engineers working with cloud providers takes you through this process with confidence.

Lift and Shift

Move your existing workloads and applications to the Cloud to scale your business beyond physical boundaries and limitations. Design and utilize Scalable, Secure and Cost-saving strategies to unlock the full potential of the Cloud for your business.

Infrastructure Modernization / Transformations

Transform your Legacy IT Infrastructure and make the move to the Cloud. Embrace technology that enables you to do more with less.

Platformer offers a wide range of services and solutions to help Organizations transform and make the best value out of their IT landscape and application architectures in a fast-paced Cloud Native world. Our Engineers can integrate into your internal teams and work alongside your engineers or you can offload your entire transformation to a specialized team from Platformer to carry out the process start-to-finish.

We help organizations adopt modern and battle-tested technologies, DevOps and Agile practises to ensure a complete overhaul from ineffective (and legacy) practises and technologies.

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Migrate to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the de facto Containerized Application Deployment and Management Platform for the Cloud. Kubernetes allows you to scale to planet scale, get the maximum utilization from your compute resources (while cutting costs) and significantly improve developer productivity (this is not an all-inclusive description).

We help organizations transform and/or migrate their applications and workloads to Kubernetes (On-premise Datacenters, Public Cloud and Hybrid Clusters) with cutting-edge DevOps Tooling.

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The Process

We follow an Agile process from start to finish - working with your Organization's key stakeholders to ensure that the migration meets your requirements and to also ensure a continuous knowledge transfer from our Engineers to yours.

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