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Kubernetes is amazing.
But setting up and managing a Production-grade Cluster?
- Not so much.

We have been using Kubernetes at Platformer to run All our workloads for as long as we can remember. Our Architects and Engineers have specialized experience with setting up and managing production-grade Kubernetes Clusters both on Public Cloud and On-premise/Hybrid Infrastructures.

Understanding Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support, and tools are widely available.

Containers are a good way to bundle and run your applications. In a production environment, you need to manage the containers that run the applications and ensure that there is no downtime. For example, if a container goes down, another container needs to start. Wouldn’t it be easier if this behavior was handled by a system?

That’s how Kubernetes comes to the rescue! Kubernetes provides you with a framework to run distributed systems resiliently. It takes care of your scaling requirements, failover, deployment patterns, and more.

The Container Deployment Era

Containers are similar to VMs, but they have relaxed isolation properties to share the Operating System (OS) among the applications. Therefore, containers are considered lightweight. Similar to a VM, a container has its own filesystem, CPU, memory, process space, and more. As they are decoupled from the underlying infrastructure, they are portable across clouds and OS distributions.

Why you should be Containerizing your applications

  • Agile application creation and deployment: increased ease and efficiency of container image creation compared to VM image use.
  • Continuous development, integration, and deployment: provides for reliable and frequent container image build and deployment with quick and easy rollbacks (due to image immutability).
  • Resource isolation: predictable application performance.
  • Resource utilization: high efficiency and density (You are no longer limited by traditional VM issues such as one application per VM - resulting in wasted resouces and expensive scaling costs).
  • Dev and Ops separation of concerns: create application container images at build/release time rather than deployment time, thereby decoupling applications from infrastructure.
  • Environmental consistency across development, testing, and production: Runs the same on a laptop as it does in the cloud.
  • Application-centric management: Raises the level of abstraction from running an OS on virtual hardware to running an application on an OS using logical resources.
  • Loosely coupled, distributed, elastic, liberated micro-services: applications are broken into smaller, independent pieces and can be deployed and managed dynamically – not a monolithic stack running on one big single-purpose machine.

What does Kubernetes do for Containerized Environments?

  • Service discovery and load balancing

    Kubernetes can expose a container using the DNS name or using their own IP address. If traffic to a container is high, Kubernetes is able to load balance and distribute the network traffic so that the deployment is stable.

  • Storage orchestration

    Kubernetes allows you to automatically mount a storage system of your choice, such as local storages, public cloud providers, and more.

  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks

    You can describe the desired state for your deployed containers using Kubernetes, and it can change the actual state to the desired state at a controlled rate. For example, you can automate Kubernetes to create new containers for your deployment, remove existing containers and adopt all their resources to the new container.

  • Automatic bin packing

    Kubernetes allows you to specify how much CPU and memory (RAM) each container needs. When containers have resource requests specified, Kubernetes can make better decisions to manage the resources for containers.

  • Self-healing

    Kubernetes restarts containers that fail, replaces containers, kills containers that don’t respond to your user-defined health check, and doesn’t advertise them to clients until they are ready to serve.

  • Secret and configuration management

    Kubernetes lets you store and manage sensitive information, such as passwords, OAuth tokens, and ssh keys. You can deploy and update secrets and application configuration without rebuilding your container images, and without exposing secrets in your stack configuration

Content extracted from the Official Kubernetes Authors at https://kubernetes.io


Kubernetes is a first-class citizen at Platformer - we have extensive experience running Kubernetes Clusters and Applications on Public Clouds such as GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) and customized setups for Enterprises that need on-premise or hybrid Infrastructures.

Kubernetes Services

Cluster Bootstraping

We bootstrap a secure, brand new Kubernetes Cluster utilizing your existing on-premise infrastructure (Such as VMWare), complete with a set of DevOps tools for deploying, monitoring and managing your containerized workloads.

Upon completion, you can optionally enter an extended partnership with our Managed Services Team on Kubernetes - we'll take care of your cluster, provide you with 24/7 support and a dedicated DevOps team should you need an extra set of experienced hands on deck; at all times.

Managed Kubernetes Services

Deploying applications with Kubernetes is easy - and improves developer productivity at an exceptional rate. But it takes an exceptional amount of effort and specialized knowledge to manage the infrastructure behind Kubernetes.

We take care of your Cluster's health, upgrades and maintenance. With our premium service subscriptions you can expect 24/7 support on not just managing your Cluster but also assistance with regards to your application deployments, integrating Open-Source tools and securing your workloads.

Consulting Services

Having trouble with that Kubernetes Cluster your team just set up? Is the project on the verge of failing and joining the list of 'K8s Failure stories'?

Kubernetes infrastructure can be painful to manage and a disaster if not managed right.

Get a team of Kubernetes Certified Experts to help your organization/team avoid a potential disaster - or to review your Clusters and Containerized workloads and see what could be done better in terms of security, CI/CD and other industry-standard best practises.

Kubernetes Solutions

Lift'n Shift to Kubernetes

Move your legacy systems to Kubernetes for better scale, resource utilization (and better cost cuttings), monitoring and significantly higher development throughput and release rates.

Our Engineers can work alongside your teams and migrate your on-premise or VM-based systems to Kubernetes.

  • Traditional VM workloads (Not containerized) to Kubernetes requires multiple steps from analyzing your application architecture, containerization and then ultimately a migration to Kubernetes.

  • Containerized applications running on VMs. Move away from using inefficient runtime setups such as docker-compose or simply Docker in Production. Migrate your workloads to a fully-fledged Production-grade orchestration platform on your Public Cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

Complete Refactor

Build your existing systems from the ground-up utilizing the latest and the greatest Cloud-native architectures and design patterns. Our Architects and Engineers can you help your teams redesign and develop your applications while setting up the the required Kubernetes Clusters and DevOps toolings (CI/CD Pipelines, monitoring, distributed tracing, etc) from the get-go.

Bespoke Solutions

We can co-create your digital ideas, applications and platforms utilizing our extensive experience in both Development and Operations.

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We help companies of all shapes and sizes from Startups to Enterprises realize the true potential of Kubernetes. Contact us to schedule a meeting (remotely or in-person) or to get more information.

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