We keep things running -
so you can focus on building business value.

Platformer offers DevOps as a Managed service to your development and business teams who would like to run their workload on-premise on Kubernetes or in Public Clouds. Our architects and engineers work closely with your team/s ensuring smooth transition into production.

What we do

The combination of our experience in private on-premise Kubernetes deployments, public-cloud based Managed Services such as GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) development and integration technologies, mixed with our unique approach ensures that you get safer and better performing systems with less downtime and faster deployments.

This enables our clients to do what they do best, building and running their business without fear of failing systems.

managed-services delivery

Everything we do has one common goal - that is to provide business outcome and value.

How we do it

Platformer DevOps Engineers

We integrate our team as a part of your bigger team. Our highly skilled Engineers' Software Engineering and DevOps backgrounds can provide you the best of both worlds.

We do things right - we don't walk in with a throw it over the fence attitude.

Utilize our expertise to run your production workloads effectively and efficiently in on-premise Kubernetes Clusters or on public cloud infrastructures.

Platformer SRE's (Site Reliability Engineers)

Working as a Google Partner we have learned and applied many industry-standard best practices in helping our Enterprise customers run production workloads at scale.

We help you sleep peacefully at night as our Engineers take care of release and tooling automation, proactive monitoring and prevention to keep your production workloads running securely and smoothly 24/7.

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We help companies of all shapes and sizes from Startups to Enterprises realize the true potential in their IT capabilities. Contact us to schedule a meeting (remotely or in-person) or to get more information.
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